What, who and where is Inspire USA?

Inspire USA is a retail and e-commerce business located in Fremont, California.  The Inspire USA staff consists of many experienced industry professionals that have been in the business for over a decade.  Inspire USA specializes in performance accessories and parts for most Japanese, Euro, and Domestic Vehicles.  We strive to provide you the best customer service and parts for your vehicle.


Is Inspire USA a team or car club?

No, Inspire USA is a retail and e-commerce business.


Can Inspire USA locate hard to find parts from Japan?

Yes, Inspire USA can help you source those hard to find parts from Japan as long as they are still in production.  We strive to provide a good and easy service for our customers to acquire parts that are not normally offered easily through retail outlets such as eBay, Amazon, or Retail Speed Shops.  Please contact us by email for information on a part that you are looking for.


I ordered a part online.  How long does it take to arrive?

Orders placed online are usually processed the following business day.  Items in stock will ship the same day.  Tracking numbers and confirmations will be emailed to you to the email address provided the following business day.  Some items will take a few days before item ships.  Depending on location, shipping times are usually about 2-5 business days in the continental US.  Unless otherwise contacted for back orders, billing issues or problem with product, your order has been processed and is in queue for shipping the following business day.


I don’t see the part online for my car, can you help me find it or order it?

Yes!  Not everything has been listed on our web store.  If you don’t see online, contact us!  We are most likely able to acquire or find the part for you!


I special ordered a part from Inspire USA, why is it taking so long to arrive?

For special ordered items, we will provide you a rough estimated time for arrival from the manufacturer.  Items that are special ordered are usually custom made to order.  This meaning these products are not mass produced and are only built when ordered.  These estimated times are usually accurate, however sometimes there will be delays in shipments that are out of our control.  Manufacturing delays, inspections by customs officials, or in rare cases, derailment of shipments caused by natural disasters or accidents can cause additional wait times.  We will always keep you up to date on your order with any progress.   Special orders are non-refundable, however in rare cases if the item is unavailable due to item or brand being unavailable indefinitely, we will refund you the purchase price in a timely matter. 


Does Inspire USA offer Sponsorships?

Yes, Inspire USA does offer different tiers of Sponsorships.  For basic Sponsorships please visit the “Sponsorship Program” page and follow the instructions.  Applying for a sponsorship does not guarantee a sponsorship.  Keep in mind, applying for a sponsorship is like applying for a job.  We look for the best candidates to represent the shop and offer privileges and discounts to such qualified.  Be sure to keep your proposal clear and true, quality of pictures clear, and a winning attitude. 


I see all these cars with colored banner windshield decals.  Can I purchase one of these?

Colored Banner windshield decals are only offered to shop vehicles and sponsored vehicles.  Our 16 inch decals are available on our web store. 


Does Inspire USA Price Match?

Yes, we strive to provide the best and most competitive prices on the market while providing you the best customer service.  Please contact us to see if we can match or beat any prices that you see online.   However, because this industry is so saturated with home-based businesses and corporate retailers, we may not be able to match or beat all prices. 


Why are some products you sell more expensive than from prices you see online?

In this very popular and heavily saturated market and industry, there are a few factors of why there are such big differences in pricing of products.   Unfortunately, there are a lot of counterfeit and replica products being sold on the market.  It is best that the customer does research before purchasing.  When you purchase from the Inspire USA web store, you are purchasing genuine legit products backed with the manufacturer’s warranty and product support.  Inspire USA is operated and provides services from an actual business location.  We do not sell from our homes or are restricted to only online based.  When you purchase from us, we want you to purchase with confidence and that you know we will be here to provide any answers to your questions to the best of our knowledge.


Is Inspire USA offices open to the public?

Yes, at Inspire USA, we have a showroom and office area for our customers to purchase or inquire about products.  Please check our business hours and give us a call beforehand so we can accommodate you.


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